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Mylean Universe Chronicles


Coming Summer 2017 !!

After more than twenty thousand years of travel across the vastness of space Mylea has finally arrived at its new home – in an outer band of the great spiral galaxy, our Milky Way. Mylea: Rebirth is the next exciting chapter in the Mylean Chronicles. Maxx, the computer colossus that has been in command of the relocation is busy cloning the next generation of Myleans, but in his spare time he has made a monumental discovery. Scientifically, it is still impossible for physical matter to travel faster than the speed of light. But Maxx has found a unique way to accomplish the impossible under certain circumstances. He can hardly wait to tell John Scott about his new discovery.

Sand Mountain Tales

Sand Mountain Secrets

Uncle Herbert

Uncle Herbert

time is running out

Andrew Benson is a young man who has little hope for a future outside his small southern town. He is bright and ambitious but, without funds, he will never attend a university. Enter his black sheep uncle, Herbert Benson, who provides him with the resources he needs for his education, but unfortunately he later finds that there are some strings attached.....Deadly strings.

Uncle Herbert calls in the favor and Andrew finds himself drawn into a dangerous situation with no way out. He must surmount incredible obstacles finding the means to solve the horrific problem his uncle has set before him, one that could condemn life on earth. For unbeknownst to the rest of the world, his genius uncle has managed to bring back a deadly virus from the future, which Andrew is given the task of destroying before it begins on its relentless march across the planet.

In a race against the clock, Andy will embark on a mission that leads him to many destinations around the world. Along the way he encounters danger, deceit, betrayal and romance, with an unlikely cast of characters who come together and combine their talenst to prevent a global disaster.

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After more than twenty thousand years of travel across the vastness of space Mylea has...
September 7, 2016

Uncle Herbert is coming !!!

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June 11, 2016

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