Writing is easy compared to selling!

Indie authors must learn to market and sell their books. It is apparently much easier to write a good book than to sell it. My personal experience so far is that I have a lot to learn about book selling books (and yes, I am still learning the craft of writing).

Advertising with Amazon has been successful, but unfortunately it is costly and to date the money spent on advertising hasn’t produced the net sales sufficient to cover the costs. Perhaps the residuals over time will pay off, but the idea that I am losing a little money on every book I sell is not appealing. I do not subscribe to the theory. “lose a little on each sale but make it up in volume.”

We are currently turning our attention to Books go Social and experimenting with a bricks and mortar store that caters to indie authors. If you are not familiar with Books go Social you can check them out at www.Booksgosocial.com. You can check out the bookstore by visiting www.PJboox.com. I like the concept and hope that it spreads around the country.

We are using our website www.pcelrod.com as much as possible and also have a Twitter and Facebook presence – links to those are on our website.

We have gotten above ten reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for most of our books, so far, and are actively seeking other reviews all the time. If you would like to review one of my books, and don’t have the three bucks to spare, just email me and I will send you your preferred eBook format.

A new novel is in the works, and will be available in a few weeks. It is the second in our Sand Mountain Series and be titled Uncle Herbert. Many families have a weird member, but Uncle Herbert may just be the weirdest of them all.  Not long after that we will publish the third on our Mylean Chronicles series, Mylea:Rebirth. I hope you get the chance to read both.

I would love to hear from any indie authors out there that have other unique ideas about marketing their books.