Many families have at least one member that is considered to be a little off. Some families have one that is widely known to be strange. But once in awhile along comes a family that has a member that is undeniably, no bones about it, downright weird.

My name is Andrew Benson, but most folks around Campbell Crossing just call me Andy. I belong to the extended Campbell Clan that pretty much founded our little town. We are a close knit bunch when it comes to outsiders, but think of ourselves as independent in dealing with locals. .

My Uncle Herbert is our family’s weird one. I did not have the money to go to college after high school and my weird Uncle Herbert promised to pay for my education. Not even my father, his brother, and the only one in the family that really would have anything to do with him, believed that Uncle Herbert could – or would come through with the money.

Well, they were wrong – he did come through after all. And I got a great education in Computer Science at the University of Alabama.

Then Uncle Herbert asked a favor of me. Sort of a payback, I guess. That is when I found out how really weird my Uncle Herbert actually was.