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The Bottom Line: Fans of alien invasion themes should check out this highly original tale told through the lens of a doomed extraterrestrial species.

Some 10% of Americans claim to have actually seen a UFO, and 77% believe there are signs that aliens have visited Earth. So with the question of alien visitation now settled, we can move on to the next logical question: why are they coming here?

Phillip C. Elrod’s Mylea: The Journey Begins is as innovative an explanation as you’re likely to get. Credit Elrod for avoiding common themes in the alien invasion genre, including the search for water (Signs) or the desire to stop our senseless violence (The Day the Earth Stood Still). Instead, Mylea tells of a civilization that, despite its wondrous technology, is helpless to stop the black hole approaching its sun. Facing certain destruction, Mylean scientists seem to have but one option: flee to Earth.”


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Mylea is a good read, fully capable of mesmerizing casual and hardcore science fiction fans alike and inspiring them to keep turning the pages. It succeeds in not just providing quality entertainment and escape, but in also provoking readers and inducing them to superimpose the fictional themes and situations contained therein with those found in humanity’s own story.


Manic Readers:

“This was a fascinating story from the very start, but there a questions still left unanswered and I for one hope that there is more to come in the Mylean series!”

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“In this novel of power and its addiction, only the steadfast can walk this devious and treacherous path. The one who gives in to the power will be lost forever in its long maze. The Krakow Klub by Philip C. Elrod was very mesmerizing.”


Red City Review:

“This author has mastered the art of revealing the characters strengths and weaknesses through decisive action. A thoroughly thrilling read, The Krakow Klub depicts a world that may not be all that far away.”


Best Thrillers:

“Once again, Philip C. Elrod has taken traditional alien invasion tropes, turned them upside down, and given us something genuinely new and thrilling. Good stuff. The second installment in Elrod’s series about an alien race from a doomed planet deftly transport us into breathtaking new territory.”


Boundless Book Reviews:

“a unique take on, what I consider to be, an overly used subject matter.”


Manic Readers:

“This was a fascinating story from the very start, but there a questions still left unanswered and I for one hope that there is more to come in the Mylean series!”

Readers Favorite 

“Secrets of Sand Mountain by Philip C. Elrod is a captivating, intriguing read. The characters are believable and real. Soon the reader is totally involved in cheering for positive outcomes for Philip and the good people in his circle. And the reader will also be hoping for the corrupt characters to take their leave. Mr. Elrod is an excellent writer, as the four sections of the book (related by four characters) has its own unique tone. You can almost hear each person speaking in their own voice. There is a wonderful complexity in this novel, told in a seemingly simple way. This is truly a delightful book.”


Pretty Little Book Reviews

This is a very enjoyable read. All of the characters were developed well which made it easy to connect with them. This is very important for all books and the author certainly hit the nail on the head with them! I also found myself waiting in suspense because I needed to know what was going to happen next. This made the book very hard to put down. I just had to keep reading! Overall, I strongly suggest picking up this one even if it is not the typical genre that you usually read. Everything about this book is powerful and engaging making it one of the books readers need to look out for!


Reading to Unwind

This is an excellent book and if you love books set in time of war this is the perfect book. The story really moves along so you want to keep reading to figure out what is going to happen to all the characters. The plot is pretty complex with the story really taking place all over the world not just one small town, but you can see that other towns must have been going through the same thing. There are so many great topics in the book this would be an excellent book club book.

Reader’s Favorite

Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite

For intrigue, excitement, a bit of science fiction and a totally engaging reading experience, Uncle Herbert: Time is Running Out can’t be beat! Philip C Elrod has created a story that is fast paced and well written with a unique group of diverse characters who engage in a pleasant balance of drama, humor, intrigue, romance and adventure. Hard to put down, Uncle Herbert has you turning page after page to see what can possibly happen next! An interesting, gripping story that is thoroughly enjoyable.

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

Uncle Herbert: Time is Running Out (Sand Mountain Tales) by Philip C Elrod is a really fast-paced, gripping adventure. I couldn’t put it down, hooked from the very first page, and I wasn’t stopping until the last page. The story begins quite innocently, but soon turns into an adventure that will heighten your senses and will get your pulse racing as you follow Andrew and his band of “merry men” – for want of another moniker – as they attempt to save the world. The story is written in first-person, from Andrew’s point of view, and all the characters have been very well developed. Each has their own nature and the diversity of the characters begins to show quite early in the story. This is a fabulous story, incredibly well written, very detailed and thrilling – with a neat twist at the end as well! Looking forward to reading more from Mr. Elrod.

Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite

Philip C. Elrod is a gifted storyteller. Uncle Herbert is extremely captivating. It starts off with a brilliant narrative hook, immediately drawing in the reader. Page after page the plot scheme thickens, making it difficult to put down. Elrod’s characters are fascinating; whether for good or bad, each member of the supporting cast plays a unique and necessary part in shaping the young hero’s character. The young protagonist matures from a naïve teenager into a sensible, confident young man. Nonetheless, his one stereotypical weakness prevails; he is easily manipulated by pretty and seductive women. His extreme make over is a result of enduring and conquering unbelievable circumstances, proving that crisis makes the man. The underlying theme woven throughout the text is that money, knowledge and power can be used for great good, or for extreme evil. Elrod pens several wonderful lines. Being native of Texas, I can attest to his metaphorical description of a Texas sandstorm, “…the winds howled around the house sounding like the dying screams of lost souls” – creative, absolute perfection! The story builds up, and doesn’t let you down, although you might be surprised by the end result. Philip C. Elrod’s Uncle Herbert will leave you smiling, shaking your head; my, my, what we endure because of our relatives.