Mylean Culture

The Planet of Mylea

Mylea is a planet about the same size as our Earth. The composition of the planet was also very much like ours, including great oceans. But the land mass was different. Mylea had a contiguous ring of land around the middle of the planet.

As the Myleans evolved into a civilization, because there were no great ocean barriers separating continents, as on our Earth, their people were essentially one race and one culture from the very early years.

The Myleans developed into a race very much like humans. A Mylean walking down a city street, if dressed in our clothing, would not likely be noticed as being alien. However, their culture and their personalities were very different from ours.

Mylea, due to its mono-ethnic and homogenous culture never experienced the constant state of war that has been the hallmark of Earth. War was a completely alien concept to them. They were a disciplined and pragmatic people who developed technologically at a very fast pace.

Mylean Technology was far advanced compared to that of our Earth. They had mastered Gravity waves and used gravity propulsion systems for travel, both on their planet and into space. Their physics could create electricity at the atomic level. They could disassemble matter and reassemble it into another form.

Their bio-chemists had long ago solved the mysteries of DNA. Their medical doctors could manipulate DNA to correct possible birth defects and advance the age at which their people might live to many multiples of that of Earth. It seemed that they could accomplish anything technologically.

Then they were suddenly faced with the ultimate challenge. Their planet was in mortal danger from an approaching black hole. Their scientists could not divert the massive gravitational field of the black hole and it seemed their planet was doomed.

However, their most celebrated scientist proposed a plan to save Mylea. It was an audacious plan whose size and complexity seemed impossible to conceive, much less implement. But he convinced the Myleans that it was their only chance to survive.

Their epic effort encountered an unforeseen problem. Their technology could do miraculous things, but the only solution to their enigmatic problem lay in the hands of a single Earthling. Finding him and getting his cooperation was essential, whatever the costs.

Myleans trusted their technology from an early point in their development. It is not surprising that the benefits of a means to identify an individual remotely and electronically was developed and soon universally accepted. There were concerns of possible misuse of such a system, but the advantages were seen as far out weighting the potential for abuse.

The ID chip was adapted and placed into all newborns automatically at birth. Any individual could be scanned and with their unique ID number their records could be accessed from the networked computers all over Mylea.

That system then led to other systems for electronically storing individual records being developed. The ID chip eventually had a transformational impact on Mylean life, especially in financial matters and criminal justice system.

The ID chip enabled instant computer access to all personal records of any individual subject to authorization by that individual.

Because all Myleans were implanted with a microchip which absolutely and positively identified them. Using that ID number medical personnel could access the health records of anyone instantly.

Mylean physicians could instantly access the information in their computers where it could be combined with current diagnostic test results. Sophisticated algorithms then provided guides for designing the proper treatment for all patients, both routine cases and emergencies.

Mylean money was, like their transpiration infrastructure, all software. They had abandoned physical money many years ago. Once they had accepted the concept universal of individual ID chips (transponders) the next step was a finance chip.

The finance chip was originally much like our debit card. It was then extended to add credit card capabilities. Finally, it included all financial transactions, including salary receipts, sales receipts; literally all incoming and outgoing financial transactions in which money would ordinarily be exchanged.

Banks evolved quickly into little more than computer systems and all banks, businesses and governmental agencies were linked to enable instantaneous receipt or delivery identified by ID chips of all parties.

One of the sociological benefits was that it was virtually impossible to steal money. Even swindling was almost non-existent due to the record keeping portion of the financial system.

Myla = Money (dollars) One Myla = about thirty four dollars.

Central Government

There was no Mylean equivalent of country. The entire planet was Mylea – essentially a single country. This is the most striking difference between Earth and Mylea.

By our standards the Mylean central government would be considered to be very weak. It was primarily administrative to insure consistency between the laws of the Cartaleans, which was the primary governing entities on Mylea.

The Cartaleans vigorously and adamantly defended their independence from the encroachment of the central government.

This was insured by the fact that the Grand Council of Mylea was made up of the president of the councils of the Cartaleans.

The Grand Council Court was somewhat like our Supreme Court, except that it handled very few cases and met infrequently; only when a case was to be heard. The cases handled by this court was limited to cases in which a Cartalean law was challenged by one or more other Cartaleans. This court was composed to 5 members from the Chief Justices of the Cartalean Courts; elected by the Cartalean Chief Justices.

Almost all central government positions were full time administrative or elected/appointed for a period of one year by the Cartalean governments. There wore no Mylean elections where the people voted. The people voted only in Cartalean elections.

Cartalean (State) Government

The Cartalean was the Mylean equivalent of our states. There were 76 Cartaleans.

The borders of most Cartaleans ran north and south and extended from the great ocean to the south to the far reaches of the north.

The Cartalean Council was the most important governmental entity in Mylean culture.

Cartalean councils made almost all laws affecting day to day activities.

Cartalean Council courts handled virtually all disputes.

There was a Cartalean High Court available to handle appeals of controversial cases. The High court did not sit regularly and was not used frequently.

Local Governmental Units

Cellas (local groups of people living relatively close together) usually no more than 10, 000 individuals per cella. Some isolated cellas had far fewer people.

Cellas elected a single individual to represent them on the Cartalean Council.

Cellaleas are small cities with a population from a few thousand up to 50, 000. Cellaleas elected one representative to the Cartalean Council.

Cartacellas are cities of 50,000 or more people. Cartacellas elected one representative to the Cartalean Council for each 100,000 of population. If the population exceeded each additional 100,000 it had to get to the 50,000 level to rate another representative.

The Mylean formal public education system covered sixteen. Mylean years and started at approximate age of four. It was divided into four tiers, each of four levels. Moving up the levels and the tiers was based on performance rather than age so a few Myleans finished public education at an early age and a few others took several years longer than the average of sixteen years.

Public education was mandatory and free of cost to individuals. Dropping out was not permitted at any point. Completing all four tiers was mandatory, regardless of the time required. The record for completing all four tiers belongs to Hashi Vacatolakai, who lived in a remote region of a mountainous Cartalean. It took him to age 37 to complete the last level of tier four.

Perhaps the most underworked Myleans on the Planet were those few who made up the Criminal Justice System. Property crimes were virtually non-existent due to the individual chip ID and the ability to label all valuable property with your own ID number.

Crimes against persons were also infrequent because of the general peaceful nature of Myleans and the long tradition of extremely harsh and swift punishment for such offenses. Killing another Mylean intentionally required a sentence of death and the execution had to be done with 100 days of the conviction. Myleans found that settling grievances peacefully was preferable to violent actions. No executions had been necessary for many years.

The few offenders handled by the system were usually youngsters who had not yet accepted the bounds of society. Due to the harshness of their internment tenure, few ever dared to break a criminal law again.

All laws, criminal and civil, were executed to a high degree of impartiality and fairness, which made compliance more tolerable.

Mylean electronics also used the binary system, again, very practical as “on” and “off” are much easier to detect that any system having a larger number of possibilities, such as ten, in the everyday numbering system. One of the reasons that electronic systems are so accurate is the fact that their signals are so easy to detect. It is either there or it is not; simple and not prone to misinterpretation. And it can be determined quickly, enabling systems to operate very fast.

Earth Symbol/Name

Mylean Symbol/Name

0 / Zero – / Nee
1 / One I / Fee
2 / Two X / Fy
3 / Three V / Fo
4 / Four N / Fu
5 / Five T / No
6 / Six Y / So
7 / Seven W / Wo
8 / Eight Z / Go
9 / Nine K / Ho
10 / Ten I- / Mo
11 / Eleven II / Mofee
12 / Twelve IX / Mofy
13 / Thirteen IV / Mofo
20 / Twenty XI- / Fymo
100 / Hundred IL / Mofeenee
101 / One hundred one ILl / Mofeeneefee
1,000 / Thousand ILV- / Mofonee
1,000,000 / Million ILY- / Mosonee
1,000,000,000 / Billion ILK- / Mohonee
e     /     Exponential ^     /     Mo
+      /      Plus >      /      Luta
–      /      Minus <      /      Pita
x      /      Times      /      Mela
/       /      Divide      /      Spico Abu

The fundamental problem with establishing a measuring system of length is to start with a standard that is absolute and unvarying. As scientific capabilities of measuring accurately advance, so did the standard on which length measurements. This was true for Earth and it was true for Mylea.
Our current definition of the standard length of one meter is the distance light travels in a specific fraction of a second. In science there are not many absolutes that do not ever change. One of the most stable appears to be the speed of light in a vacuum.

The Myleans, being masters of physics long before humans were even civilized also based their measurements on the speed of light. Since their time measurement system was different from ours, the fraction used to measure the speed of light was different and that lead to the difference in standard length.

Myleans based the Ekta, their standard for the Mylean measurement system. All lengths were multiples or fractions of an Ekta. The Ekta was slightly shorter than the meter.


Earth – Metric



Length Meter Ekta Equal to 37.635 inches
Millimeter Ektalin Equal to 1/1000 th of one Ekta
Kilometer Ektahar Equal to 1,000 Ektas
One Ekta = .9558 of One Meter




Mylean Compared to Earth


Days per Year 365 1/4 360 One Mylean Year = 0.97653 Earth Year Year = Days for planet to circle its sun one time.
Hours per day 24 20 One Mylean Day = 0.98889 Earth Day Day = One rotation of the planet around its axis.
Hours/Year 8766 7200 One Mylean hour equals 1.186668 hour
Hours/Month 730.5 360
Months/Year 12 20 Myleans had no equivalent of our week. Their work period was four days, then off one.
Minutes/Hour 60 100 Typical work day was about six hours w/ 2 hour break in the middle of the day.
Seconds/Minute 60 100
Minutes/Day 1440 3000